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M4 Implant

The new features of the M4 are:

- A Flat cutting apex: Allowing final adjustments during placement procedures.

- Surface: The surface roughness and micro-morphology is a achieved by a combination of sand blasting and acid etching. MIS’ established surface technology has provided millions of patients and clinicians with excellent osseointegration results and long lasting clinical success.

- Cylindrical shape with V-shaped threads: For mild bone compression while achieving maximum initial and long term stability.

- Internal hexagon: MIS M4 implants feature an internal hex. connection. This well established connection assures proper abutment seating, anti-rotational engagement, resistance to lateral forces, excellent esthetic results and more.


If you want to know BondBone ® biomaterial our consultant will gladly come and will do presentation and workshops.

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The new M4 Kit

MIS is pleased to announce the release of a new full M4 Surgical Kit (MK-0016). The new M4 Kit contains the complete range of drills and tools required for a full implant placement procedure. The new kit features a convenient tool layout and a protective cover with an easy opening mechanism for quicker access.


II Implantology Conference „Practicians for Practicioners“

For the second time the Garmed company at the cooperation with the Department of the dental prosthetics of Medical University in Poznań and MIS Implants company organised a Implantology conference "Practitians for Practitioners" for over 90 doctors from entire Poland.

We had the honor of hosting such outstanding academic teachers as: Prof. Hakan Őzyuvaci  from Turkey, dr Yaniv Mayer from Israel, Dr. Konrad Walerzak from Warsaw and dr Mateusz Sowiński from Łódź.

The first lecture about managing soft tissues in the aspect of implantology took dr Yaniv Mayer. Next Prof. Hakan Őzyuvaci presented on numerous examples how to avoid complications in implantology. Dr. Konrad Walerzak presented the lecture about the algorithm of the team treatment - surgery, orthodontics and prosthodontics. In the end dr  Mateusz Sowiński presented the lecture where to search implantology patient and why not always it is the richest group.

We want to thank all doctors participating in the Conference for coming.


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